Dangerous Academia

Maybe the title appears a bit strong, because really, how in the world could academia be dangerous? Well, a nola.com story about a Charles Murray lecture at Middlebury College that attracts hate speech protestors can bring this to light. Murray champions intelligence differences as the reason some people are successful. Ok, no problem there. This shouldn’t be a reason to protest […]

America Belongs to Whites Only

America for the Superior White Society A disturbing clip of an October 2016 video, in which Univision‘s Jorge Ramos interviews American Renaissance‘s Jared Taylor, came across my Facebook feed today. The ideas in this clip directly connect to the issues I raised in my previous blog entry. They represent the extremist ideology of people who maintain America […]

Organized Alternative to Evangelical Christian Politics

  Recently my Facebook feed offered a troubling article from a former member of the evangelical Christian community that caught my attention. As I read it, I grew more and more distressed. No other writing, news headline, or video soundbite in the last four months has given me so much pause as this one. Why? Because it’s […]

Imagination and the 2016 Elections

We often think of imagination as this activity we encourage children to practice. Or we might think that imagination belongs to creative people. Little credence is given to the idea that imagination plays a significant role in our social structures, from governance practices to economic polices and everything in between. Yet, for some reason marketers around […]

The Private and Public Dilemma of Spirituality

I am no fan of fire-and-brimstone preaching. In particular, the type of sermon that couches itself in old testament judgements about daily life on one end, followed by a heavy guilt trip about wickedness in the middle, and bookended with passages about the end-of-days truly unnerves me. If this is what makes up the sum total […]