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Ramos Taylor

Jorge Ramos interviews Jared Taylor

America for the Superior White Society

A disturbing clip of an October 2016 video, in which Univision‘s Jorge Ramos interviews American Renaissance‘s Jared Taylor, came across my Facebook feed today. The ideas in this clip directly connect to the issues I raised in my previous blog entry. They represent the extremist ideology of people who maintain America should be preserved for a superior white society.

American Renaissance, similar to other hate sites posing as serious thinkers, pitches itself as a sophisticated mover of the white superior society ideology. Here’s a short version of that interview:

Scary Ideology for Public Life

The full length video, posted on the American Renaissance Youtube channel, offers the following caption:

“Jared Taylor of American Renaissance explains the importance of white racial consciousness to Jorge Ramos, anchor of Spanish-language television network, Univision. Mr. Ramos fails to understand why American whites deserve a homeland, just as much as Mexicans do. Part of the interview was in the Univision documentary ‘Hate Rising.'”

Hate is certainly rising, and it’s cloaked in seemingly innocent language. Check out the SPLC’s Hate Map for a quick reference to the growing number of funded, organized hate groups.

Unified Counter Narrative Needed

Seeing this type of thinking brought more blatantly forward into the public arena should scare anyone and everyone who holds inclusive democratic values dear. Mr. Taylor isn’t isolated. He is part of a well-organized, well-funded movement to “take back America.” This taking back of America, of course, refers to the exclusion of all non euro-white people.

These ideas are dangerous in the hands of individuals without power. We can simply call them bigoted, racist, xenophobic, and move on with our lives. But these ideas in the hands of powerful, well-funded people, that’s another matter. They bankroll extremists into taking up seats in public office, and that should scare most of us.

But where is this most of us? Where is the singularly focused counter narrative to a whites only America? There’s far more of us, surely, than these hate groups combined? Why aren’t we super organized in the same way? How is it that we aren’t as well-funded in the same way? How come we aren’t putting inclusivist, progressive, welcoming people into public office?

My guess is we have underestimated the zeal and sophistication of the extremist movement. We have underestimated the lengths to which they will go to make their private hatred and loathing of all that isn’t white become the public normal.

We need to organize a counter narrative that organizes people into public life practice. We need to connect better across differences and stop fighting for LGBTQ issues only, or black issues only, or Latino issues only, or Asian or Muslim issues only. All of us want to see an inclusive, fair, and just U.S. We need to co-create a unified counter narrative that preaches inclusion, equity for all, common bond across ethnic differences, and support for those who feel excluded.

Even a Small Beginning is Something

My work is small, but as an individual I take to this blog to share what I am seeing and open dialogue. I hope you join me in this conversation and share your feedback and thoughts. Also, as I mentioned in my most recent blog entry, I am working with a small team to launch a new venture, which is currently called iPLANDemos. You can take a look at what it’s about at the Center for Inclusive Public Life site. Soon we will be seeking your feedback and support on aspects of this venture, as they are developed.

I hope you become more engaged with us. Help us do our part to build a counter narrative to the one created by exclusionary, hate-filled organized groups.

As always, tell us what you think. Write a comment. Make a suggestion. Give us feedback.



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